Tuesday, November 15, 2016


2016 marks my tenth year in business, and my 40th year in life. My thirties were absolutely jam-packed full of big life changes and even though it was stressful at times I don't regret a thing!

This was my first studio setup in the front vestibule of our rented house at 467 Sammon Ave

When I turned 30, at the encouragement of a friend, I took a small business course as well as silversmithing classes, and embarked on building a career in an entirely new industry. Truthfully, it was not the first time I did this: mid-way through my BFA at New York University I came to the realization that I did not, in fact want to be a professional actress - I wanted to be a designer. I started taking life drawing classes and kept a sketch book. I wrote down everything I experienced all the time. Even though I knew in my heart that I wanted this change, I stuck it out with the acting career for a full year after I graduated - and even got some decent gigs! It took losing my best friend in a tragic accident and moving to a city entirely unknown to me to reset and get down to the truth about who I am and what I really wanted. I went back to school for graphic design and built a solid ten year career in the newspaper and magazine industry. It's more acceptable to change careers now, after the Great Recession, but at that time it wasn't. I want people to know that if you have a gut feeling about something, follow it. Don't waste any time - life is short and you deserve to be happy! It might not work the way you want it to right away but you have the ability to learn from your mistakes and keep on moving! Don't ever be hard on yourself about wanting to change. Don't let others be hard on you about it either.

Me at one of my first shows - wearing an original adornment

The last five years with the studio, the baby, and the restructuring of Bazant Unique Adornments from brick and mortar shop to e-commerce were definitely the most challenging of all. I recently pulled out a vision board I made in 2008 and realized that over a five year period everything on it came true. So be careful what you wish for lol!

14 months pregnant - interview for the Toronto Star at my Distillery District studio

At the end of this crazy five year period, I took a well-earned journey to Holland and Belgium for my 40th birthday. I went by myself - shocking to some, but not to me. I did my research before I left to ensure my complete safety. I did get a little lost on a few occasions but thanks to the navigation of Google Maps on my phone that never lasted. I barely spoke to anyone or asked for any help. I was a silent observer. Every minute was inspirational. I sucked it all up so it will be a part of me for as long as possible. Below are a few images of this memorable trip. You can view the entire album as a slideshow HERE.

And we are now!!

To celebrate ten years in business, we are offering 50% of everything online! Shop at www.larabazant.com and enter code 10YEARS to get all our new styles, and some old ones from the vault, at half price.